Charlotte Pet Boarding: Pampering and Boarding your Fur Babies

Charlotte Pet Boarding: Pampering and Boarding your Fur Babies

“I need to put my pet dog in a boarding establishment.” – It is a thought that can worry a lot of owners who had the misfortune to experience it. It is like a bottomless pit in your stomach, a dreaded feeling of guilt – knowing that while the owners are on an enjoyable vacation, their beloved pet will be at the hands of strangers.

Although these strangers are pretty capable of handling your pets with care, they are still someone you do not know. Most owners envision their pets in small quarters, resigning to weeklong naps, or peeking between cage bars – maybe all of the above.

It is enough to send owners running to butcher shops for bribes. How can they possibly leave their beloved pets with people they barely know, to go on an enjoyable vacation themselves? While the fur babies sit waiting for their owners, stuck in a small and confined space that cannot compare to the comfort of their home?

Well, if you have not experienced boarding your fur buddies lately, then get ready for an excellent surprise. Boarding your fur babies are nothing like the dreaded scenario owners imagined, at least not like before. Today, when people go on a vacation and leave their fur buddies behind, there is a big chance that they will be having as much fun as the owners during these times – maybe more.

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Running and swimming, soothing music, and soft bets. All these amenities and activities dogs fur babies could want to wait for them at boarding facilities all over the country. All you need to do is to look for a suitable place with a little research, asking for recommendations, and personal investigation.

Make sure to plan ahead, give yourself a lot of time, and to consider every little detail when you are researching possibilities when boarding your fur babies while you are away on vacation. Listed below are some tips when choosing boarding facilities.

Book early

Excellent and quality pet lodging facilities book up quickly when the holiday period comes. That is the reason why you do not wait to book your fur baby’s stay. A lot of these centers require a one-day test run to make sure that the pets will acclimate well with the facility. It is something people want to be sure that would go smoothly before they book a spot. Do not assume the they will be okay right away – try out first and see what happens.

Charlotte Pet Boarding: Pampering and Boarding your Fur Babies

Pay attention to the center’s requirements

All responsible and certified boarding centers will ask pet owners about their pet’s health, especially about their vaccinations. Do not be surprised if they ask you to provide proof of shots. It is something people will want to know before they get there. That is why owners need to have all the necessary papers and avoid further delays when dropping off.

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With dogs, the staff might ask about the pet’s comfort level with other dogs, any medications they are taking at the moment, or their health history. These one-day test runs can work out any issues or problems with the center’s plan, as it can help their fur buddies familiarize themselves with the facility. It can lower their stress level while the owner is away. Consider leaving the pets with comforting items from home like their favorite chew toys or their dog bed.

Trust your instincts

This advice is commonly used in our every life. It also applies to own a pet. It is excellent advice for all types of situations like boarding your fur babies. As a matter of fact, the owner’s first impression of the kennel may be their best indicator that their pets will be well-taken care off. Is the facility happy or hesitant to provide you with a tour?  Does the center seem orderly and clean?

Do they offer a comfortable environment? Do they look well-kept and cozy? Are the workers available and friendly? All these crucial questions and first impressions can tell owners whether they have found a perfect location they need to consider when looking for a boarding center for their fur babies.

Where to board

When looking for a pet boarding company in Charlotte, make sure that the facility is clean, calm, and climate-controlled. An excellent establishment emphasizes education and training to make sure that their staff will follow advance safety protocols, as well as practice preventions.

All staff should be certified pet care professionals since every employee is required to attend certification training programs to take care of animals. Also, make sure that the state or city where the facility operates has laws, rules, or regulations when it comes to pet care.

This holiday season, take time off from your work and make sure to enjoy the change in routine for much-needed stress relief. If you can’t bring your fur babies, find the perfect boarding center to keep both you, as well as your pet comfortable and relaxed while you are gone.

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