Helping Your Dog Overcome Heart Disease

According to the Pet Health Network, experts estimate that approximately 7.8 million dogs in America suffer with having some level of heart disease, which is also equal to about 10% of all dogs in the United States. Surprisingly, heart disease in dogs happens to be extremely common in America. There are also many different types of heart disease that your dog could possibly suffer from such as valvular disease, heartworm disease and myocardial disease. Sometimes your dog won’t even show any signs of heart disease, which can make it almost impossible to detect in many cases. As your dog’s heart disease condition worsens and progresses, then you will probably begin to notice more obvious signs and symptoms like: fatigue, not wanting to go for a walk, not wanting to exercise, experiencing trouble with breathing, not having an appetite, weight loss, A distended abdomen, difficulty with sleeping and or coughing and many other symptoms that may not seem like your pet’s usual behavior. The minute that you suspect your dog could be experiencing some type of heart disease, it may be important to take your dog to see a veterinarian as promptly as possible. You may also want to have an emergency pet hospital in mind to take your pet in case of a heart disease emergency that could possibly put your pet’s life at risk.

As a pet owner, you want to love your pet as much as you possibly can by providing a safe and comfortable environment for them. One of the things that are most important as a pet owner is to keep your pet as healthy as possible. Although, there are many diseases including heart disease that cannot be prevented. This is why you would want to become familiar and also educate yourself on some of the common signs of heart disease that dogs may suffer from. According to PetMD, some of the earlier signs of heart disease that you may notice in your dog include: continuous coughing, difficulty breathing, being less playful and reluctant to exercise, having a poor appetite, weight loss or weight gain, collapsing or fainting, weakness, restlessness, edema and also isolation. Unfortunately, not every dog will display signs or symptoms of early signs of heart disease. In fact, it has been known that so many dogs have been only showing signs and symptoms once their heart conditions have progressed. Which is why, you always want to be aware of any changes with your dog.

Not only is regular veterinarian care important for your dog but knowing where you can take your dog in case your dog has a heart emergency. Fortunately, there are so many emergency pets’ centers that are available 24 hours. There are also certain veterinarians who specialize in treating dogs who have serious heart conditions. You may conduct your general search for your veterinarian or emergency hospital by looking online for any emergency vet williamsport pa in your area.

Heart diseases for pets happen to be extremely common in America. As a pet owner, you want to provide your pet with a healthy and fulfilling life. Therefore, be sure to provide your pet with excellent medical care and also emergency services when that time comes for your little animal.  

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