How to Care for Your Pet’s Oral Health

How to Care for Your Pet’s Oral Health

All pet owners need to be proactive about maintaining their pet’s oral health. Here are 4 ways to ensure that your pet has healthy teeth and gums.

1. Have Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned

Cats and dogs may need to have professional cleanings to avoid tooth decay and tartar from causing dental infection or painful oral conditions. If a pet’s oral healthcare isn’t addressed regularly, they may need to have teeth extracted. If you’re looking for a veterinary practice or pet hospital St Paul, choose a provider who has extensive experience in administering oral care.

2. Get Pets Used to Brushing at a Young Age

Cats and dogs benefit greatly from brushing, but many don’t tolerate it well. Cats can be particularly oppositional when it comes to brushing because it’s more difficult to incentivize them with treats. Getting both cats and dogs started with brushing at an early age will help them to become accustomed to it; an early introduction can help prevent them from running for cover whenever they see that you are holding a toothbrush. Be sure to use a toothpaste that’s designed for pets.

3.Don’t Feed Your Pet Human Food That Will Stick to Their Teeth

It’s important to give your pets treats to help them be happy, but you should avoid giving them human foods that will stick to the sides of their teeth and get trapped below the gumline. Crackers and chips can be particularly sticky against teeth’s surface. When you see your pet eyeing something that you’re eating, you may feel persuaded to share. However, it’s much better for your pet’s oral health if you substitute with a healthy treat intended for pets.

4. Give Your Pet Dental Treats

One of the best treat options for your pets are those that provide dental cleaning benefits. Dogs will like a dental, and cats will enjoy oral hygiene chews. Dental treats may have the added benefit of helping to freshen your pets’ breath.

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