Why Regular Vet Visits Are Of The Essence

Most pet owners never see the essence of taking their furry best friends to the vet when they are running around and seem healthy. They only decide to do so when the pet seems sick or when an incident that puts their pet to risk happens. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that just like you go for checkups even when you are in tip-top shape, your pet also needs regular vet checkups for optimal health. Here is why regular vet visits are crucial. 

For Preventive Purposes 

When it comes to pets, there is nothing as crucial as prevention and early intervention. This is because unlike humans, pets such as dogs and cats can’t speak out when they are in pain. Also, their diseases tend to exhibit signs and symptoms when it is too late. For instance, in cats, kidney disease often displays the symptoms when it is already in advanced stages making it impossible for you to save the life of your feline best friend. Ensuring that you take your pet for regular checkups by a veterinarian in seattle helps in early detection and treatment of such ailments, giving your pet another chance at life. 


Again, just like you, your furred best friends also need vaccines as they are also prone to diseases. For instance, dogs are usually prone to rabies while cats can easily get feline leukemia. Regular visits to the vet help you ensure that your pet is up to date with its shots for a healthier and longer life. 

Apart from vaccines, your vet will also carry out the necessary procedures to ensure that your pet enjoys a good life. For instance, if its in the case of a dog or a cat, your vet can either spay or neuter to make sure that not only the pet but also you are comfortable with being the pet parent. In addition to spaying and neutering, it is during such visits that your pet will be microchipped to ensure their safety. 

For Dental Care 

Poor dental health in pets results in much serious complications. For instance, poor dental health in a dog can quickly cause severe heart and liver problems. The treatment of conditions that crop from poor dental health in a pet are even more costly than making regular visits to your vet. The good news, however, is that when you visit a vet, they usually conduct a nose to tail checkup which includes a dental assessment to ensure that your pet’s pearly whites are in good shape. If you are a new pet parent and have no idea how to take care of your pooch’s dental health, a vet visit also comes in handy as you will be given tips on how to do so. 

For Behavior Treatment 

As much as you love your pet, there are some behaviors which you can find quite irritating. For instance, dogs tend to chew on shoes and pillows and in other cases they cause disturbance by excessively barking. Visiting your vet as soon as possible might help curb such behaviors as he/she might share a few tricks with you on how to prevent them. If not, they might refer you to a proficient behaviorist to help you manage such behaviors in the early stages. 

For Fleas And Ticks Infestation Prevention 

Ticks and fleas not only cause discomfort in your pets but can also transmit nasty diseases to humans. What’s even worse is that pests such as fleas can survive for almost a year which is quite a long and also enough time to cause you problems. Vet visits help address such pests as a vet will advise you on how to check and prevent pest infestation.

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