7 Reasons Why Regular Vet Check-Up For Dogs in Important

7 Reasons why regular vet check-up for dogs in important

No matter how well you take care of your dog and monitor its health, it is important to pay regular visits to a veterinarian for your pet’s check-up. Regular assessment is essential for spotting the potential health risks and keeping the health up to date. You can compare pet insurance quotes with iSelect and find an ideal plan to suit your needs for assistance in paying vet bills. The insurance would reduce the amount you pay vet bills and take most of your worries. Here are some compelling reasons to take your pet to the vet regularly.


  • Overall health


Visit a vet for the treatment of your sick pet would focus only on a particular issue. On the contrary, regular check-up follows a holistic approach. Your vet would examine the overall health of your pet and try to spot subtle changes in behavior and physical health. If your dog has any special medical needs and is getting old, regular visits become more important and can prove to be vital for an improved and long life.


  • Micro-chipping


Micro-chipping is a great development in pet care. If your dog goes wonder about the streets, you can easily get it back without any hassle and delay. It gives you peace of mind that as it protects your dog from getting missing. The procedure of the installation of a microchip is painless. You should get it installed when your dog is still a small pup. However, if you have missed it, you can get it done later as well.


  • Vaccinations


Vaccinations are inevitable for the good health of your dog. Your vet can provide you a schedule for vaccination or can send you a reminder whenever it is due. The intervals between the vaccines and the timing depend on the type of vaccines your pet needs to take. Usual vaccines include distemper, leptospirosis, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and bordetella.


  • Fleas, ticks, and worms


These are common issues in every home that has a pet. Ticks and their larva can stay in your home for the entire year and spread nasty health problems. These are also serious issues for your loved dog and keep them irritated and agitated. A veterinarian would help you in taking preventive measures to avoid ticks and fleas. He/she would also advise you on keeping tape, roundworm, and lungworm away.


  • Treatment and prevention of behavioral symptoms


Dogs often show some strange and nasty behavioral changes and habits. You may observe that your dog barks a lot for no good reason, or start biting people or chewing things the moment you turn your back. These all are the signs of habits that can be troublesome in later stages. Regular vet visits make it possible to spot and resolve any such issue before it can become a serious problem.


  • Dental care


A regular check-up with a vet would include dental check-up as well. Your vet would clean the teeth in necessary or would tell you when to get it done. This prevents dental issues as well as issues to internal organs due to the spreading of the bacteria.


  • Weight and body condition


Obesity is common in dogs. During a regular check-up, the vet would monitor the body weight and condition to identify any symptom of being overweight. If the vet finds your dog gaining excess weight, he/she can suggest preventive measures.