Choosing the Right Horse Jump Cups

Choosing the Right Horse Jump Cups

Jump cups are essential for certain equestrian competitors. There are some variations among jump cups for horses.

Cup Materials

Most of the jump cups that are available today are still manufactured using stainless steel. This has been the case for some time, and this fundamental design element hasn’t really changed today. Some of these cups will also have a coating that is made out of enamel.

There are also jump cups primarily made out of plastic on the market now. Some riders prefer this variety of jump cup. People might use different jump cups in preparation for shows, while other people will want to practice using the exact same models that they’ve been using all along for the sake of consistency. They should decide whether or not they want pins.

Jump Cup Pins

These cups used to be manufactured using pins, but there are alternatives to these kinds of jump cups today. The cups that do not have pins can be modified much more simply, giving riders and horse handlers many more options. It will be easier to change the jump’s elevation quickly with this jump cup model.

Horse Safety

Jump cups can be especially valuable regarding the health of competing horses. The poles that are used in these activities obviously must be very sturdy. However, there’s still a possibility that the horse will run into the pole at some point, which can genuinely harm the horse. The best horse jump cups are capable of making those poles very steady and stable.

However, they’re also designed to make it easier for the pole to be released if the horse in question actually does slam into that pole. These jump cups can make the pole more effective, while also preventing situations where the pole can become something of a problem itself.

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