How To Choose Your Next Pet

How To Choose Your Next Pet

Owning a dog or cat comes with a lot of responsibility. Carefully consider their major differences and needs to help decide which type of pet to adopt.


Research different breeds of dogs to help decide which type of dog to get. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you might not want to rush into adopting a large breed even if you were to find trained German shepherds for sale Niagara. Regardless of their size, most dogs will have a lot of energy and need room to run around. Dogs are not only energetic but also very social. Be prepared to spend several hours with your dog giving them attention every day. Think about how busy your schedule is when considering the time commitment and financial responsibility that comes along with owning a dog. When you’re ready to adopt, visit local shelters to see what type of dogs are already in need of a home.


Cats are often considered to be lower-maintenance pets, but they still require a lot of attention and care. Prepare for a long-term commitment because they can live for up to 15 years or more. Cats can also become expensive as you must consider the costs involved including food, litter, a litter box, toys, vet care, and more. Kittens can be even more of a handful and might not be suitable for young children. Every cat has a unique personality. Be prepared to adapt to your cat’s individual preferences and needs when it comes to playing, being held, or cuddling. Outdoor cats are more prone to disease and injury. If your indoor cat wants to venture outside, you can help them safely enjoy the outdoors with a secure harness and leash or cat enclosure.

Use these differences to help determine whether a dog or cat is the pet for you.