How To Potty Train Your Puppy: 4 Tips

How To Potty Train Your Puppy: 4 Tips

Potty training your puppy is not an easy task—just like human newborns, puppies require a lot of time and guidance to gain full control of their bladder and intestines.

The messes your puppy makes throughout the house can be quite frustrating, but it’s important to recognize that penalizing your dog for their small, unexpected pees and poos will only serve to add to the problem.

So, what should a puppy owner do in these circumstances?

Well, allow us to help you out there. Here are some general guidelines for painlessly potty training your puppy.

4 Easy Tips for Potty Training Your Pup

Make a list of everything.

New puppies take a lot of attention, which means you’ll have to meticulously monitor and document their every step. Make a physical note of the times when your dog regularly goes potty and incorporate those times into your walks.

Take a lot of walks.

Two-month-old puppies typically need to “go” every two hours. Your puppy will be capable of holding it in for three to four hours at three months, and up to five hours at four months. Your dog will soon be totally trained and will no longer have accidents in the house. Take him or her for frequent brief walks till that time comes.

Stay consistent and positive.

Puppies-in-training thrive on two things: routine and good reinforcement. Make sure to praise your dog when he or she does pee outside, and let them know when the next walk is coming.

Continue to be Kind

If your puppy has an accident, simply say “woopsies” or something similar in a surprised tone, and then thoroughly clean the area to ensure that no odors linger that will tempt them to use that same site again.

Above all, recognize that the puppy time will soon pass, and your dog will ultimately outgrow the accident stage entirely!

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