Tidbits On Litter Box Use & Options Like The “Hidden Plant”

Tidbits On Litter Box Use & Options Like The “Hidden Plant”

Cats have a reputation as a bit of a “snobbish” species with particular expectations for their care and keeping. That’s especially true with the place where pet parents keep their litter boxes, how these are maintained, and actually what kind is used.

There are such wide varieties on the market, most of which intend to mask the odor, and some mean to disguise the fact that it is a litter box like the “hidden plant” option.

This enclosed example has a “lid,” and on the top of the exterior is an artificial plant meant to suit any household aesthetic, plus hide the box. These are big enough for a large cat and can be filled with any litter brand the pet parent or fur baby prefers. 

The bottom portion of the product is the litter box you fill with your preferred choice. Let’s look at some tips and tricks for litter box use for those new to kitty parenting.

Tips And Tricks For Litter Box Use

There are a plethora of litter box products on the market as far as the actual boxes and the litter itself. You can also DIY litter to save a few dollars if you so choose. The idea for many people with litter boxes is to disguise these wherever they’re placed, so guests are unaware that’s what it is when they see it.

One of the most clever designs thus far is the “hidden plant” option. This is a closed-in pan with a lid over the box and an artificial plant sitting atop the exterior of the enclosure. While it’s nice to have it be aesthetically pleasing, the priority is whether it pleases kitty. 

Most cats are exceptionally particular about where they do their business, the “facilities” they use, and the litter placed in the pan. The fur baby also prefers a quiet, private location for the box, albeit easy for them to access and not close to their food or water supply. 

Check out these few tips and tricks to improve your kitten’s litter box experiences.

  • Unscented litter is less offensive to your furry friend

Especially if you’ll be using a closed-in box like the “hidden plant,” you want to avoid perfumed or overly scented litter. The indication is that cats comprise roughly “70 million scent receptors” compared to our “5 million.” 

Purchasing unscented litter is considered respectful for your kitten to protect that strong smell sense. Given that most cats will bathe their paw pads after being in the litter, you can avoid them growing ill from the powerful scents by keeping it simple. 

If she isn’t using the pan, try to change what you’re using gradually until your fur baby finds the right one. Find out how to change brands of litter slowly at https://catbehaviorassociates.com/how-to-change-brands-of-litter/.

  • Keep the box clean to make kitty happy

Cats are meticulous animals who enjoy not only keeping themself clean but want their litter and the box to remain spotless. The container should be scooped out a couple of times daily to eliminate waste. In addition, it’s best to wash the pan each week and reapply fresh litter. 

This keeps the box smelling fresh along with the surrounding area and makes the cat content.

Tidbits On Litter Box Use & Options Like The “Hidden Plant”

  • Each year replace the litter box

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to replace the litter pan. Regardless of how well you care for a cat’s litter box, it becomes worn from kitty’s nails scratching and the scooper scraping a few times each day, plus the regular washing creates grooves and scratches on the bottom of the tray. 

These areas are ideal places for bacteria to settle. When purchasing a new pan, try to get the same variety, size, and appearance your cat has grown accustomed to. Suppose you have the “hidden plant,” you will want to continue with that box for the cat’s lifespan. Go here for guidance on whether a cat prefs the covered box or the uncovered box – does she actually care?

Final Thought

The “hidden plant” is one of many litter pans on the market you can try out to see if it’s appealing for their bathroom privileges. A cat can be exceptionally particular about where they do their business. 

It’s important to let kitty decide if she’s happy with what you choose. If your fur baby is not using the box, she doesn’t like it. 

You’ll need to keep trying until the kitten decides she’s happy because, as a pet parent, that is the ultimate priority – ensuring furry friends are always safe, secure, and content.

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