2 Things Every Horse Breeder Needs

2 Things Every Horse Breeder Needs

If you have a special passion for a specific breed of horse, you may want to be an advocate by becoming a breeder. Raising horses to sell is expensive and time-consuming, but it is rewarding to see the animals you raise go on to win prestigious events. If you are considering becoming a horse breeder, make sure you have these two things to set yourself up for a successful operation.

1. Insurance

Horses are expensive, and caring for a purebred animal comes with an even higher price stage. Regardless of how well you take care of your horses, some things will go wrong and insurance can help you offset the cost so you don’t lose your farm. Not only can insurance cover the cost of a horse that is stolen, but it also helps you afford unexpected medical expenses when your animals get sick or injured. Horse insurance for sellers protects you during transactions.

2. High-Quality Breeding Stock

You can’t run a successful breeding operation without great horses. You can start out small by just owning a few well-bred mares and paying to breed them to stallions with great bloodlines. This is a good way to start your operation, but if you want to grow it, you need to think about buying a stud. You’ll save money on breeding fees and have proprietary rights to your stud so other people don’t have the same bloodlines. The most important thing to remember when choosing horses for your breeding operation is that quality is more important than quantity. Have a few horses with great bloodlines will be more lucrative than having many animals with subpar bloodlines.

Running a successful horse breeding operation is challenging, but if you use these two tips, you can build a farm that runs smoothly and produces great horses.

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