Quick Tips to Dog Training

Quick Tips to Dog Training

Bringing a new dog into your home is a learning experience for everyone involved. You may love your dog at first sight, but he may be a little wary of your family until he gets comfortable in his new surroundings. There are two main ways to help ease your dog’s transition to your home.

Set the Rules

The first thing to do before you ever bring your new fur baby home is to establish the rules of where he or she will be allowed to go. For example, if the furniture is off-limits, make sure everyone in the house knows that and is prepared to enforce the rule. Determine a place for your dog’s safe space, perhaps a bed or crate, where he can totally relax. Also decide how you will take your dog in and out of the house for potty breaks. Some people plan to walk their new pet on a rigid schedule for training. Others prefer the freedom of Security Boss pet doors Portland OR so that the dog can choose when to go in or out.

Teach the Name

Choose a name with sharp consonants like Duke or Cha-Cha so that your pet can learn his or her name quickly. Use the name in conjunction with the command “come.” Many people start with teaching their dog to sit but training your dog to come to you quickly is more important. Treats are a great motivational tool. Buy a big bag of small soft treats and always keep several in your pocket. Correctly following the command of “Come Tiger” earns your pup one treat plus lots of affection. Different breeds of dogs learn on different timetables but being consistent with words and rewards will speed up the process.

Before your dog is fully integrated into your family, you may end up with a few chewed shoes. Just remember that humans and dogs have had a long successful partnership over thousands of years, and shoes, of course, are replaceable.