3 Pets You Can Easily Raise on a Ranch

3 Pets You Can Easily Raise on a Ranch

You live on a ranch, and you or your children want to try growing some animals. With so many options available, it can be exciting to begin choosing where you will house this type of animal or what type of structure each pet will require. Whether the property is large or small there are some things to consider before you jump into an array of pets you may wish you could reconsider. Here are three pets you can raise on a ranch with little or no problem.


Baby pigs are cute little critters that you can easily fall in love with. As they grow larger, they do require more work, but you may be surprised to know that your pigs can clear land for you. Let them loose, and they will root up the ground, break vegetation, and provide free fertilizer to the area. As pigs age, their large bulk can be dangerous if they get provoked. Make sure you have ranch insurance, just in case.


As one of the most common of all pets or livestock found on ranches across the United States, chickens can be fun to raise and require very little attention. If you give them access to water, food, and bugs, you can find yourself with lots of fresh eggs. Chickens need a coop with windows to let the sunshine in to kill harmful pathogens in their litter. Place plenty of nesting boxes inside the coop for nighttime roosting.


If you want to raise pets with unique personalities that will make you laugh out loud, raise some goats. You can choose a milking variety, fiber type, or meat kind, but they all love to bound around, throw tantrums, and seek attention. Goats are voracious eaters and can clear vegetation from your ground very quickly. If you find yourself with a stand of unwanted berry bushes that got out of control, let your goat eat them to the ground.

Pets bring joy to children and adults. Try raising one of the three listed above on your ranch.

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