Hospice Pet Therapy and Its Benefits

Hospice Pet Therapy and Its Benefits

Animal-assisted therapy, or pet therapy, is a highly effective type of emotional and mental therapy for hospice patients. It utilizes the natural connection between animals and humans to offer terminally ill patients a sense of peace, tranquility, and gentle companionship. When a pet visits a terminally ill patient in end-of-life care, it can help the patient become more active, physically and in conversation. Just the simple presence of a pet can bring excellent positive effects as the patient interacts with the animal.

Benefits of Pet Therapy for Hospice Patients

Physical Advantages

Hospice pet therapy programs offer a host of benefits for all patients, especially seniors. It can help improve the range of motion and increase the bodily strength of a person. Pet therapy can also prove beneficial in tandem with palliative care for reducing physical pain, improving cardiovascular health, and promoting activity in patients. As hospice care patients cuddle, pet, play, and interact with the pet therapy animal, they are bound to feel more physically engaged.

Improved Emotional Well-being

Hospice patients can experience a high level of depression and loneliness at times. Pet therapy can help reduce these feelings of depression and loneliness and lower anxiety in hospice care patients. It can also help them feel more upbeat and develop an overall improved perspective on their life.

Better Social Interaction

Engaging with animals for pet therapy allows patients to respond more and interact with those around them. Even patients who are suffering from dementia or cannot communicate verbally feel connected to pets who visit them. They might smile, cuddle, and play with the pet along with their family caregiver.

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