How Do Automatic Food Feeders Work?

How Do Automatic Food Feeders Work?

Getting home late, being stuck in traffic or having a change in your social routine are all situations that anyone can relate to. Unfortunately, these aren’t things that can be explained to your routine-loving pets. Whether you’re out and about or just enjoying some much needed nap time, automatic pet feeders will keep your adorable, little pet happily fed and satisfied.

Automated pet feeders have eliminated any hassle associated with feeding your pets. In addition to maintaining a regular feeding schedule, these feeders prevent your pets from overindulging. Read on to learn more about how exactly automatic food feeders work and some of their most notable benefits. 

A Step-by-Step Guide Through An Automatic Food Feeder

  • Attach the tag – Depending on the pet’s activity, tags last up to one year and are waterproof to three feet. For access control, every pet in the house must wear tags on their collars. By default, all tags cannot be attached to any feeder. A particular feeder will only accept tags that you have authorised during programming. You’ll want to purchase additional tags if you’re purchasing fewer feeders than the number of pets you have at home.
  • Dispense the right amount of food – Buy feeders for cats in UAE and decide whether to give them 2, 4 or 6 meals a day. Providing cats with small frequent meals over a 24-hour period is the optimal setting for their health. 
  • Authorised pet approaches – When the feeder is in the open mode, the door stays open. In close mode, your feeder will open to allow access to the food bowl and remain open for 20 seconds after the approved pet leaves.
  • Unauthorised pet approaches – When an unauthorised pet approaches the door, the active RFID system seals the door from 2 feet away, preventing food from being stolen. 
  • Sit back and enjoy – Make sure the food bin stays full so that your pet continues to be fed; an alert will be sent to you if the bin goes empty. The system is very simple to clean and only needs to be done occasionally. There is easy cleaning and removal of all parts that come into contact with the food.

Benefits Of Automatic Food Feeders

  • Keeps The Food Fresh

As we age, our taste buds become more sensitive to certain foods; unlike us, cats are not able to tell if their food has gone bad or if it’s too old for consumption – they’d still eat it for their diet. This is why automatic feeders are useful as they keep the food fresh so that your cat can eat healthy.

  • Programmable Timers

You can make feeding easier by using a programmable timer. The timer can be programmed to feed your pet continuously or intermittently, giving you more control over its feeding schedule. The only thing left to do is to arrange the food and water bowls.

  • Cleanliness And Convenience

Maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of your pet’s food is easier with automated feeders. If your pet suffers from allergies or other gastrointestinal problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, or flatulence, having a food feeder would be a great advantage. Keeping food contamination at bay is also a necessity for puppies and kittens whose immune systems aren’t fully developed yet.

Whether it’s an extended meeting, pulling long hours at the office or a surprise invitation to hang out with friends, you may be left with no way to run home and feed your cat. Even if they are just lazing around, taking a well-earned cat nap, they never forget to ask for food. The automatic food dispenser is, therefore, the ideal solution to give your cat the dietary consistency and routine they need. 

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