What Makes A Dog Harness Better Than A Collar?

What Makes A Dog Harness Better Than A Collar?

When you make a dog wear a leash, it can keep tugging hard on it. The first time a dog wears a leash, it will probably tug fiercely. The tension created by the tugging can choke the dog. To resolve this problem, you might be thinking of getting a harness for your dog. But is it the best solution? This blog will help you to decide. 

Harness as an accessory

The advantages of a harness are making it a favourable choice for pet parents. People are increasingly turning towards buying a dog harness instead of a collar. If you have adopted a puppy whom you want to train, you can use a harness to train it. When you use a harness as a training tool, you have better control over the most excited of puppies when out on a walk. 

A dog on a harness will find it difficult to pull you or jump on strangers. Your dog will also be safer as it will not choke. Furthermore, there are very minimal chances of the dog getting entangled in its leash. 

If your dog belongs to a delicate breed, you might fear that it will injure its neck when wearing a collar. A collar is restrictive and can be problematic for a dog with any respiratory disorder. If you own a bulldog or pug, you should choose a harness over a collar. Collars can put excessive pressure on the neck of your dog, causing its eyes to protrude. 

Types of harnesses

If you are thinking of getting a harness for your dog, the first thing to consider is which harness to buy. There are kinds of dog harnesses that can be broadly categorised into two types: 

Front-clip harness

A front-clip harness is a front-attaching harness that is ideal for a big dog. The fit of a front-attaching harness is slightly different from a back-attaching harness. This harness gives the walker better control over the dog. If your dog is a member of the smaller breeds, avoid buying a front-clipping harness. 

Front-clip harnesses have horizontal straps which can restrict shoulder movement to some extent. There is a provision for attaching a lease at the back of this harness. The chest plate has a leash clip too.

Back-attaching harness

When you see a mention of body harnesses for dogs, it usually means a back-attaching harness. If you don’t have a small dog, you can skip buying a back-attaching harness. Although a body harness was designed initially for working dogs.

But if you have a delicate dog, sharp tugs on a leash can harm its neck or spine. You should then get a back-attaching harness.

A body harness is a great accessory for an old dog who has arthritis. You can assist the dog in standing up without putting a lot of pressure anywhere. 

If you like travelling with your dog in a car, a body harness is a good safety accessory. 

Find the best harness for your dog

If you are reading this, then you must be seriously considering buying a harness for your furry child. And if your dog is going to be strapped to a harness for the first time, it should be getting nothing but the best. Browse the top-class dog harnesses, and check out the four different styles of pet harnesses. Each style is available in various patterns and colours. Your dog will look cute and wow passers-by while on its next walk!