Wireless Pet Fences Are Safe And Will Give You Peace Of Mind

Wireless Pet Fences Are Safe And Will Give You Peace Of Mind

If you have pets without a regular fence, your dogs have likely ran away at some point. If your dogs are like my dogs, then they run away daily. If you live out in the middle of the nowhere, you have less worries. However, if you live close to the road, this can be a problem. The solution is a fence, but what kind of fence?

After weeks of doing research and debating the costs, I decide to get a pet fence installed. I did my research and found a local pet fence installer, the company had over 150 (5) star reviews on Google. They were based in Denver, Colorado, that pet fence company was Colorado Pet Fence. They had over 10+ years of pet fence installation experience, and after reaching out to a few people that left reviews, I was confident they could help.

You may not know this, but once our wireless pet fence was installed, Dale (the owner) trained the dogs for us and educated us about the pet fence rechargeable collars. It really was a great experience and I couldn’t recommend them more.

I worried for years, my dogs running in the road, barking at the neighbors. It was terrible. Now, my dogs never leave the yard. I have 5 dogs, 4 Jack Russels and 1 German Shepard. We’ve had our pet fence installed for 3 months now and not a single dog has left the property. My dogs are safe and that was priority one. But come to think about it, I have complete peace of mind now. I don’t care when the dog runs out the door. That stress is gone and I feel the weight off my shoulders.

That company has an amazing pet fence guide, it answers 20 of the most common pet fence questions owners ask.

Another thing I was scared about buying a pet fence was if it would hurt my dogs. I’m happy to report that my dogs are doing great. The wireless dog fence is completely safe, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Lastly, I want to talk about the rechargeable collars. I’m extremely glad I had that option, it has saved me a lot of money. If you’re having to buy batteries for multiple dogs, those costs can quickly add up. If you’re going to invest in a pet fence, you’ll have to think about that. I was lucky because the company I hired used them, but the local pet fence companies in your area may not.

In closing, I’m glad I had an opportunity to share my pet fence experience. They work, they’re safe, and well worth the peace of mind you get knowing your dogs are on the property. After thinking about it, I’m glad I don’t have a fence around the whole property. It’s buried in your yard. I was surprised how precise it was, the company left no mess. You couldn’t even tell it had been cut. I’m happy with the end results and if you’re having similar problems, I’d highly suggest you consider getting a pet fence.